7 ways to standout and be profitable and purposeful in a competitive space by Stacia Pierce

It’s really easy to start a business. Staying in business, however, is a different story. Only 50 percent of businesses make it past the first five years and even less go on after that. Even with several reasons why companies fail, at the top of the list is failing to stand out in a crowded market.  by Stacia Pierce

Take for example, the life-coaching industry. Nowadays an online coach comes a dime a dozen. Many are authentically great and making an awesome impact and others…well…they leave a lot to be desired. Nevertheless, if you are a true expert at your craft, you can carve a market for yourself with the right marketing efforts. The key is staying focused on your own authenticity and providing stand out product and services.

I’m sharing with you seven ways to step up and stand out from the crowd.

Position Yourself As The Expert In a specific Niche

Instead of being a jack of all trades and a master of none, pick an area to focus your expertise. I had a client that left her job to become a virtual assistant. After about six months on her own, she barely had any traction. During our consultation, I encouraged her to specialize in one area. Soon after our meeting she needed a plumber who showed up late and disorganized. And that is when it hit her: to become an assistant to the service industry owners. She re-branded herself as the virtual assistant to plumbers, contractors, lawn care businesses, etc. It was an untapped market of business owners who were skilled at what they did, but needed someone to keep things in order. Now her business is thriving.  Find a need and fill it with your unique expertise.

Send Attention Grabbing Mail

Consider sending out exciting mail to clients or prospects to grab their attention. Take a cue from fashion houses who often send elaborate invites to their guests. The idea here is to stand out and build anticipation for a great show. Often guests have so many shows to attend that they must choose some and forsake others. In order to pack the house, elaborate invites make them stand out.  Send your clients 3D mail with a surprise inside to grab their attention and keep their business.


Chef presenting plates at a restaurant to a group of friends

Create Exclusive Services or Offers   

Consider what is missing in your industry and offer it to your customers. Forward thinking dentists have transformed the dreaded dental appointment into an exciting adventure with dental spas that offer massage therapy, aroma therapy, classy drinks, movies and even noise cancelling headphones! This kind of service will certainly encourage clients to show up and book future appointments.   Seek to fix a problem that your industry has and you will stand out.

Create a Better Experience

Zappos is known for incredible customer service. They sometimes randomly upgrade customers shipping to next day. That kind of surprise is a great talking point! We often add special touches to our product when shipped. For example, we recently surprised our customers who purchased The Success Journal with a worksheet of 20 prompts and ideas to jump start their journaling experience. This unadvertised bonus was a big hit. Customers called and emailed us sharing how they were so concerned about writing in their journal the “success way” and needed some ideas to get started. The sheet was just what they needed.

How can you improve your customer’s experience? Whether it’s with hand written notes, unexpected calls, or exclusive meetings with valued clients. There’s something that you can do to personalize your client’s encounter with your business.

Be Authentic, Be Bold, Be Different!

There are so many great business ideas and opportunities out there. While it may be tempting to add every service that your competitors have to your business model I strongly warn against it. Avoid the trap of getting caught up in what everyone else is doing. If you build your business based on everyone else, you’re going to start doing everything and end up with nothing. Remember to always be true to who you are, what you can offer and what makes you unique.  Whether it’s your special frosting recipe or signature design elements, play up your unique strengths and quality and authentically market it to your audience.

Go against the grain, follow your instinct when making a mark… Don’t be compelled to develop a cookie-cutter business model like everyone else. Trust your creative ingenuity…try it YOUR way. Your next move may be your best move!

Female Bakery Stall Holder At Farmers Fresh Food Market

Stay Focused on Your Own Shine

I often hear from clients a concern of competitors “stealing their ideas”. If you get too consumed with what everyone else is doing, you won’t get much done in your own business. Let your greatest competition be yourself. Beat your best effort. Top your greatest creation, challenge yourself to take things to new heights. Stay on the cutting edge of your industry.  The marketplace will always be full of others who do what you do. But they can’t do it LIKE YOU DO. Create a list of three characteristics that make your product and services unique to you. Write them in your journal or put them up so that you can see what makes you special. By focusing on your own shine, your light grows brighter.


Keep Calm, Be Confident and Carry On

Use your journal to write and review your company goals and achievement often. Write a weekly victory list so that you can chart your own progress and feel good about your success. Confidence attracts clients. People love working with confident business owners. Sell your products and ideas like you believe in it. Put your heart into what you do and stay positive and upbeat. Create affirmations about your business and read them aloud daily to affirm your success. Get a signature tag line that you say often that reminds you of your own fabulousness.  In my office, we often say, “Making Money is Easy!” because I teach other entrepreneurs to grow their business.

What have you done to standout in your business? Have you tried any of the above? Share your story in the comments!

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